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Month: May 2019

How to repay a family loan to start a business

  From a theoretical point of view, a personal loan can, indeed, be used to finance a professional project. However, the accounting treatment will be slightly different depending on whether it is a sole proprietorship or a corporation. Reimbursement of a personal loan granted to a sole proprietorship   In the context of a sole […]

All About the Loan Rates Works

Thanks to the development of the Internet, institutions specialized in consumer credit have emerged on the web. Today these institutions have almost supplanted the banks that were the traditional praetors. For some types of loan, the consumer does not hesitate to do his research on the Internet Consumer credit is granted to households so that […]

How to get loan?

A company that emerged in 2014, with the objective of offering personal credit online, it seeks to innovate and create new technologies in the financial market. It acts as a correspondent bank, that is, it performs the intermediation between the client and the bank, simplifying the granting of the personal loan. In a simple way, […]