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How to get loan?

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A company that emerged in 2014, with the objective of offering personal credit online, it seeks to innovate and create new technologies in the financial market.

It acts as a correspondent bank, that is, it performs the intermediation between the client and the bank, simplifying the granting of the personal loan. In a simple way, where the client only needs to fill in his data and wait for the credit assessment, after approval the money will be in the account.

The differential of the company is the facility for obtaining the credit and for offering a totally online service. No need to leave the house to get the money. In addition, credit approval is performed within 48 hours.

What are the values ​​and interest rates?

interest rates

The client can request loans from R $ 500 to R $ 3500, with the option of installment of 3 to 12 times.

Interest rates are high, they are 15.80% per month and 481.44% per year, which is a fixed rate for all, being a disadvantage for those who have a good score (customer evaluation, which informs if he pays his bills on time, if he has debts, arrears in installments, among others), because in many institutions according to his score, his age, and his income, it is possible to negotiate the value of the interest rate.

And the company charges a fee of $ 100 on the first loan with the institution. In addition to the interest rate, the service fee (IOF) is also charged, which varies from 0.38% + 0.0041% per day on the amount that was acquired in the loan.

This is a major disadvantage if you are not negative because of the high-interest rate and the IOF charge increase the total cost of the loan. Therefore, it is important to compare the total cost-effective and verify that the loan is really necessary. In addition to performing other simulations and evaluating which loan is more advantageous.

With you can get loans quickly and totally online.

Does the company offer a loan to negatives?

Does the company offer loan to negatives?

Makes loans to people who are negative, but in order to obtain approval, it is necessary to have the pre-requisites listed above and not to have a large default history.

What documents do I need?

To request the personal credit, the following documents are requested:

  • Identity card
  • Registration of individuals
  • Proof of income;
  • Proof of address;
  • Signed contract.

Prerequisites to Apply for the Loan


To get a loan, the company requests some pre-requisites:

  • The loan is only released for people over 18;
  • The client must have the minimum monthly income of R $ 3,117.70;
  • And be a client of at least one of the partner banks

How to apply for the loan


Step 1: Enter the website

The request process occurs through the company website. To find the information, click here.

Step 2: Choose the values

Choose the options offered on the website and set the amount of the loan and how often you want to pay. Has installments in 3,6,9 or 12 times.

Step 3: Register on the platform

After the request, it is necessary to make a registration, stating your email, password, full name, CPF, date of birth, gender, mother’s full name, naturalness, and nationality.

You will also be asked for your bank information. Rest assured that will use your data only for loan analysis.

Step 4: Sign the contract

The contract will be presented, it will contain the details of the loan. It is important to pay attention to the details of the loan, to verify that the value and parcel number are correct.

Step 5: loan approval

Step 5: loan approval

By accepting the terms, sign the contract. After approval, documents should be sent and within 1 business day the money will fall into your account.

Yes, it has a digital certificate, which guarantees that the data provided by the client is encrypted, that is, only the company has access to them.

In addition, he is a banking correspondent who follows the rules and is authorized by the Central Bank. Therefore, all its activities are constantly monitored by legal bodies.

In addition to that, it has full transparency with the client, informing all the costs of the loan and the fees that will be charged on the value.

The company also has a great rating. Being that in the last 6 months answered 100% of the complaints and solved 83,7% of them.

It has a great note and responds quickly to your customers.

Please be advised that does not request any advance payment. Therefore, if you request any amount with the justification of payment of fees, notary fees, value for guarantee or payment of professional guarantor, any reason given, do not deposit, that is a blow.

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