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Immediate money for your contingencies – Quick Loans

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If you need quick and easy money to face any unforeseen event or to arrive at the end of the month, Presgomor is the solution to your problems. Receive your money immediately and with a return period of up to 30 days. It sounds good, does not it? Well what you need to get it still sounds better.

What do I need to get the loan?

What do I need to get the loan?

Well, only two things: an internet access and a DNI. Yes, that simple. In addition, you should know that this service is completely online and that, therefore, works 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. That means, when you need them, you will have your money in your account without any kind of waiting.

How to get the loan?

How to get the loan?

You have to follow three simple steps:

  • Create an account. The first is to create your personal account in the online platform itself. At that time, they will ask you for all the information they need to cash in the deposit. We assure you that it will only take a few minutes.
  • Indicate the deadlines. You are the one who decides in what terms you want to return the money. Choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable.
  • Sign the contract. Finally, you will have to sign a contract in which you give your consent to receive the money. At that moment, you will receive an SMS with the confirmation of the transfer.

To consider

You should know that, as we told you, you are the one who decides both the amount and the term. The interest will be according to the chosen term and you will be perfectly informed at the time prior to confirming the transaction. So you do not have to worry.

Another important fact is that you will receive the money immediately, without waiting. At the same moment that the confirmation message arrives, you will have your money. And, as we told you, being a 24-hour service, you can ask for it at any time.

Reasons to choose to ask for the Prestamer loan:

Reasons to choose to ask for the Prestamer loan:

  • The request is made from the sofa in your house, without having to travel or save queues with the consequent loss of time. With Prestamer you only need an internet connection and a computer or smartphone
  • Fill in the form with the information requested, it has taken me approximately 4 minutes, they are simple questions, personal data and the like.
  • Being managed by a robot, they process it even if it’s a holiday, so it works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • They do not take into account your credit history (so if you have any outstanding debt with a bank, tele-operator, you do not have to ask)

So now you know. If you need money immediately and want to get it without leaving home, Presgomor is the perfect solution. 

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