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Loans with the car as collateral

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If you are going through an economic hurry and need to get cash from anywhere, with Cartiprets you can borrow with a car guarantee or sell your vehicle with the best possible rate.

The operation of these credits if you decide to endorse your car is simple, since it is done online completely online only by filling out a form on your website.

If you are without an endorsement but you have a car with Cartiprets you have the opportunity to get money for your car, either by pawning or selling it.

In addition, with Cartiprets you can get an appraisal of your vehicle for free and without commitment, so you know exactly how much is valued and compare the best offer for your car compared to other companies like Gosico or Gogobill.

Even if you’re with credit institutions, or enrolled in some other delinquency list like Rai for having unpaid debts, Cartiprets makes it easy for you to get quick money for the car.

The opinions on Cartiprets of its users value very highly the facilities of the company, by allowing the owner who pays his car to continue using it, in addition to obtaining a valuation or appraisal of the highest in the market for second-hand vehicles.

Conditions and how Cartiprets works

Conditions and how Cartiprets works

The operation of Cartiprets is very simple. Through your website you must choose the amount you need, which can range from 2,000 to 10,000, from 2,000 to 2,000 euros.

Then you will have to fill out a form in which they will ask you about your employment status, and the amount of your monthly income. As well as your personal data to ensure that you are of legal age and resident in Spanish territory.

To pawn or sell the vehicle you will have to answer if you are the owner or owner thereof, as well as enter the data of this, such as the brand, model and year.

The interest on these loans with the car as guarantee will depend on the valuation that is made once your vehicle is assessed, as well as your financial conditions and the amount you request.

In the event that you want to sell your car you must also indicate the kilometers you have, and the team of Cartipret professionals will contact you by phone to indicate the valuation of your car.

At the moment you accept the Cartipret offer, your team will contact affiliates and buyers to make the sale of the vehicle as quickly as possible.

With more than 25 collaborating companies and a free vehicle valuation service, they have figures such as more than 4,000 satisfied customers and more than 12,000 loan applications with guarantee for the car.

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